New | Waikiki Turtle Trolley is Complimentary

Aloha, thrill-seekers! Hang loose for some stoke-worthy tidings that are set to amp up your Hawaiian escapades to the next level. Prepare to catch the wave on the Waikiki Turtle Trolley – your ultimate ride to discover the splendor of Waikiki!

Picture gliding through Waikiki aboard a trolley named in honor of the serene sea turtles – the embodiment of peace and good fortune. The Turtle Trolley is gearing up to make waves, and we’re eager to welcome you aboard!

Jump Aboard, Discover More: Turtle Trolley Highlights!

Ride for Our Ohana: Whether you’re grooving to a dolphin serenade or unearthing treasures at the keepsake haven, the Turtle Trolley is set to whisk you away to your next island escapade. Cozy, convenient, and ultra-chill – it’s the Waikiki way to cruise!

Complimentary Journeys from Hot Spots: Can you believe it?

The Turtle Trolley isn’t just for our tour crew; it’s for everyone on the quest for the authentic Waikiki vibe! We’re dishing out free rides from Ala Moana, Kakaako, Whole Foods, Diamond Head, and, of course, our Treasures and You Souvenir Shop. Think of it as our little way of spreading the aloha spirit!

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